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Parking Registration - Prior to arrival, it is required that the guest/lessee register with the Endless Summer Condo Property Manager.  This may done online at the Endless Summer Condo link (CLICK HERE)  - also the QR Code will link you to registration

The following represents the registration fees.  If you register onsite at the Condo Manaagement office, please add $5. 

The Property Manager’s office is typically open Monday-Friday, 9:00a.m.-4:00p.m.; however, the Property Manager may be off premises at any time on Association matters. If a renter or guest arrives after 4:00p.m., or on a weekend or holiday, the renter or guest is expected to register when the office re-opens. At registration, a renter must provide the names, ages and dates of occupancy of each person staying in the unit, and the permissible occupants are limited to those persons listed. A renter must also provide the license tag of the vehicle to be parked at the property.

Strict enforcement of the minimum age of 25 years will be enforced in order to rent. Responsible aged Lessee/Renter is to be present during entire stay - failure to comply will result in the forfeiture of all fees/charges and Security Deposits associated with the stay. As well, the Lessee/Renter and their associated party will be vacated from the premise immediately.


NO SMOKING - Violation of this policy will result in revocation of all fees, charges and Security Deposit, as well as possible additional costs to the renter/lessee which is related to remediation of the property and furnishings.

NO PETS - Per policy of the condo property ownership, guests/renters/lessee's may not have pets on premise. Violation will result in the revocation of the Security Deposit, as well as possible additional costs to the renter/lessee which is related to remediation of the property and furnishings. Additionally, Guest/Renter/Lessee will be required to vacate the premise immediately and will forfeit all fees/charges and Security Deposit.

Quiet Hours  - 10 PM until 10 AM daily 

Additional policies will be provided in an Information Binder located within the Condo Unit, for your review.  All Renters/Guests/Lessee's are subject to local laws, as well as the policies set forth by Endless Summer Condo Association.  Violation of laws and/or policies could result in immediate termination of lease agreement and result in a forfeiture of all fees/charges paid, the Security Deposit, as well as any subsequent damage or cursory fees incurred as a result of non-compliant actions on behalf of the Renter/Guest/Lessee.

*Unit D-1 ("PCB Escape") is not responsible for processing fees/charges incurred during transaction with condo association property management.

Parking Registration.png

   Car/Truck:      $25.00

   Motorcycle:    $20.00

   Golf Cart:        $20.00

   Trailer:              $10.00

(Onsite registration please add $5.00)


Vehicles on this property must be registered and in possession of a parking permit. Vehicles on our property without a parking permit are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense and inconvenience.

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